Our business is to help your business to build wealth. We believe in a proactive, individual approach to your financial and accountancy needs. Working with us, the process begins by meeting for an initial consultation.

SME Accounting

Specialist accountancy support services for small businesses with big ambitions.

Contractor Accounting

Complete range of accountancy services for Contractors and Freelancers from just £50 per month.

Medical Accounting

Specialised taxation services for medical professionals to maximise their earnings.

Why Skytax SME Accountancy?

Skytax SME Accountancy is a smart, innovative service solution for start-up and existing businesses. Our SME service can be an excellent way to save time and money. It provides an opportunity to bring in specialist expertise, while both you and your employees focus on developing your business.

You know that your time is money. Let us do your financial legwork. Our professional accounting services will free up your time so that you can work on your business. Don’t waste valuable time that would be better spent on business growth.

We’ve got your back. Our top-flight tax, payroll and IR35 services mean that you’ll always be compliant. We’ll scan for changes in the law and we’ll make sure you stay up to date. Don’t you deserve peace of mind?

We provide a full range of specialist services. Skytax is a team of financial, legal, tax, insurance and employment experts. You won’t need specialist help every day, but we’re there for you when you do.

No hidden charges. No hidden costs. Ever. We pride ourselves on our open, transparent and bespoke pricing structure that we’ve built to be flexible to your exact needs. Why pay for what you don’t use?

I used to dread accounting month but the last 2 years have been utterly pain free because of this super lot! Efficient, professional, thorough and really dedicated to saving you money. The savings they made me more than paid for their services! Many thanks.


SkyTax helped reactivate the company, get books up to date and all formalities in order as it should be. I'm very happy with how they approached the challenge and came through all the way. Solution oriented, agile, available and fast. 

Mr. Tor Karstensen, NOVYTEC LIMITED