It’s becoming more advantageous for people employed in the oil and gas sector to become contractors, rather than remain in the permanent employment of one company. There are good reasons:

  • Freedom and flexibility. Do the work you want and leave the rest. Take time off when you want.
  • Higher hourly wage. Earn more than the permanent oil and gas professionals.
  • A spectrum of experience.Working for more companies and on more projects means you’ll develop yourself professionally and personally.

If you’re thinking of becoming an oil and gas contractor, you have some decisions to make. First decide whether to work through an umbrella company or through your own limited company. Your choice will depend on where you plan to work. If a limited company is the way forward for you, you’ll still need to ensure you can continue working as a limited company before accepting a contract. The key factors to consider are:

  • The length of the contract.
  • The country you’ll be working in.

If you need advice and help setting up as an oil and gas contractors, or if you’ve recently set up as one and want to know what to do next – we’re here for you. We provide accountancy advice and help for all contractors within the profession. This includes oil and gas engineers, drillers, drill engineers, drilling consultants, pipeline engineers, subsea engineers, rig electrical and safety technicians.

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